September 2018 Program - Dale Cox

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Call 926-1110 for more information.

Flyer for Dale Cox Program - September 2018

What's My Name?

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After a two-month hiatus, we have a new photo and a new mystery for this month. This is from a photo taken by Cal Jamison inside the cupola of the old Courthouse across the street from our museum. It has been cropped and re-oriented to make it easier to read. It appears to be "F.M.+D.F. 5/24/37." Does anyone know who these initials belong to? We'd love to know the story! If you know, please reply to or comment on the post on Facebook.

Graffiti in old courthouse cupola

See What We Have at the Gift Shop!

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Whispers from Verdura (book cover)
Now in!  Whispers from Verdura is a fascinating and dynamic look at Benjamin Chaires and how he helped shape the early history of Florida. Whether your interest lies in his influence, his family, or Florida history, you will find it difficult to put this book down once you begin reading it.  Includes a bibliography and notes on the ancestry and family of Benjamin Chaires.

Find this and other books, as well as local artisan crafted items in the Museum Gift Shop. Come visit us!

What's My Name?

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These are in the Green Family notebook at the Museum. Betty Green thinks they may be Rakers. Can you identify the people in these two photos? Any idea of the occasion, place? If so, send an email to or leave a comment on the post on Facebook.

Back Row: _____________, _________________
Front Row _____________ , Jenny Lee Crawford

1. _____________, 2. ______________, 3. Jenny Lee Crawford

May 2018 Program - Hyde Park Community/Shadeville High School

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Shadeville High School before additions
The Historical Society’s program on Tuesday, May 8, 7:00 PM, at the Wakulla County Public Library, will feature the Hyde Park Community and Shadeville High School.  Bossie Hawkins has put together a panel of speakers and this will be a very informative program as we learn more of Wakulla County’s history.


Thomas Mitchell, a descendant of one of the Hyde Park families and unofficial historian of Hyde Park, will trace the genesis and history of the nearly all-black community from its beginnings well before the Civil War through a detailed in-depth presentation.  He will also answer questions related to this community.


Dr Edith Hargrett Ward, daughter of one of the founding members of Shadeville High School, will talk about her father, Andrew J Hargrett, one of the founding members of the school.  Dr. Ward will also touch on her family’s enviable legacy as educators and their widespread influence.


Graduating its first class in 1934, Shadeville was the Wakulla County’s African-American high school.  The school remained in existence as a high school until the 1966-67 school year.


Several individuals who grew up in the Hyde Park community in the 1940’s and 1950’s will share their experiences in growing up in the nearly all-black community and its lasting impact upon their lives.  They will highlight little-known facts such as the statewide influence of the community during Reconstruction through prominent citizens such as Amos Hargrett who served in several important appointed and elective positions in Wakulla County and as a Wakulla County delegate to the 1885 Florida Constitutional Convention.


Hyde Park still exists as a community today but had its largest population and greatest influence during the period between the two World Wars, to just after WWII.  Just as much of the Old South experienced population losses through large-scale migration northward of African Americans during and following WWII, many of Hyde Park’s residents joined the trek northward.  This led to a sharp decline in population from which Hyde Park never recovered.


This program is free and open to the public.  For more information, please call the Historical Society at (850) 926-1110.

Genealogy Program - May 3

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Please publish the attached in your next issue and include in the Community Calendar and the Neighbor, if possible. Thank you!
Gayla Kittendorf, Publicity Chairman

May 3, 2018, 6:30 p.m., Wakulla County Public Library

Our program on Thursday, May 3, 6:30 p.m., at the Wakulla County Public Library will feature Mark Hudson who will share about the Rehwinkel family and how they came to America from Germany and eventually settled in Wakulla County.  If you missed our WCHS program in November, this is an opportunity for you to hear the stories that Mark will tell about the Rehwinkel family and the many families they connect to in Wakulla County.  If you were in attendance at our November program, please join us again and you may even learn something new that was not mentioned before.

Mark Hudson is a 4th generation Wakulla Countian on his mother, Miriam Rehwinkel Hudson's side.  Mark has extensive extended family in Wakulla County, including the Alligoods, Boatwrights, Greens, Boyettes, Rakers, Duggars, Towles, Allens, Moodys, and McCallisters. 

On May 3, Mark will be telling us about his great-great-grandfather, Henry Charles Rehwinkel, Sr. (1837-1929), who immigrated from Hanover, Germany in 1856 to New York, where he worked as a gardener.  He decided to move south, stopping for a while in Savannah and Columbus, Georgia.  He finally made it to Wakulla County after the War Between the States and Mark will tell you the rest of the story.

His great-grandfather, Henry Charles Rehwinkel, Jr. (1876-1969) was a census enumerator on the 1920, 1930 and 1940 records in Wakulla County.  Many of us remember Mark's grandparents, Roy and Florence Moody Rehwinkel.  They had a mercantile and feed store in Crawfordville, right on the corner of Crawfordville Highway and Arran Road.  His parents were Bert and Miriam Rehwinkel Hudson.  Bert Hudson was considered an authority on raising and managing livestock and he authored a textbook on cattle diseases in the early 60's.  His father's brother was Jewell Hudson, a lawyer in Wakulla County for many years.  Jewell donated the land for Hudson and Azalea parks.

Please make plans to join us on May 3rd for the story of a true Wakulla County family. 

Arlene Vause, Secretary

Wakulla County Historical Society

What's My Name?

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We have two photos this month! If you recognize any of the faces, please let us know by commenting on the post on Facebook or sending an email to 

Photo 1
1. __________, 2. __________3. __________, 4. __________, 5.__________.

Photo 2

Genealogy Program - April 5

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Genealogy Program, Thursday, April 5, 6:30 PM, Wakulla County Public Library:


Our speaker is Michael Hutson from Tallahassee Genealogical Society.

“We will discuss digital library resources that can aid in genealogy research. There is an ever growing world of digital libraries out there with books, documents, photos, manuscripts and more to explore. From major sources like Google Books, the Library Of Congress or the Hathi Trust to state and local libraries, every one has something to offer and it may be the gem you have been looking for. “

April 2018 - St. Marks Lighthouse

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Craig Kittendorf
This month’s program of the Wakulla County Historical Society on Tuesday, April 10, will feature Ranger Craig Kittendorf, Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge, who will present a program on the St. Marks Lighthouse.  This iconic landmark has been standing since 1842 and has recently been undergoing restoration. Mr. Kittendorf, who has researched and continues to research the lighthouse’s history, will give a brief history of the lighthouse and talk about the restorations, including what was found during demolition on the inside of the keeper’s house. Work is expected to be completed in the next few weeks.

The program will be at 7:00 p.m. at the Wakulla County Public Library and is open to the public.


What's My Name?

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This month we're featuring a photo taken of the original Panacea Crab House staff. Do you recognize any of these folks? If so, send an email to or post a comment on our Facebook post. We'll fill in the blanks below as we get identifications. The back row is not exactly straight, so we'll say that the two youngest girls frame the first row, then everyone else is considered to be in the back row.

Back Row: 1__________, 2. Juanita Revell (Nichols), 3. Mary (Sis) Revell, 4. Jessie Smith, 5. Mae Revell, 6. Katie Whetstone, 7. Cecil Nichols, 8__________, 9__________, 10__________, 11. Virgil Allen, 12. Mildred Allen, 13__________, 14__________, 15__________, 16__________, 17__________, 18. Robert Nichols, 19. Austen Carraway.
Front Row: 1__________, 2__________, 3. Jeanette Nichols (Fragakis), 4_________, 5__________, 6_________, 7__________, 8__________, 9. Jean Cruse (Nichols).
Original Panacea Crab House Staff

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