March 2018 Program - Second Annual Show & Tell

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Show and Tell Program Information

Natural Bridge Reenactment 2018

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Natural Bridge Reenactment 2018

What's My Name?

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This month we are featuring two photos that hang in the Museum. There are no labels on these photos, so we'd like your help in identifying these men.  If you think you know, please send an email to or comment on the Face Book post.  Update: The fisherman on the left is believed to be Arnell Keith.

Oysterman                        Seine fisherman

Genealogy Meeting – February 1, 2018

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We invite you to our Genealogy Group meeting on Thursday, February 1st at 6:30 pm at the Wakulla County Public Library.  We will be discussing the Historical Society’s ongoing project “Wakulla Family Folklife Interviews”.  Our interviews are filmed, recorded and transcribed to preserve the wonderful stories of our Wakulla County citizens.


We will be showing an interview that we did with Guy Revell that is both informative and entertaining.  Come and join us to discuss the value of obtaining the oral histories of our community. 





Debra Jay, President

Wakulla County Historical Society

Bonus Photo!

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Crawfordville Elementary 3rd Grade_1951-1952
Here is a photo of the other third grade class at Crawfordville Elementary, 1951 - 1952, courtesy of Betsey Edmondson. Thanks, Betsey! This is a page from the yearbook, so not a mystery photo!  Anyone remember who taught this class?

What's My Name?

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Beginning this month, we are going to post a photo each month and ask you to identify the name(s) that are missing or have been misidentified. Please email the name(s) and location(s) on this photo to . We have a lot of photos without labels, so keep checking back here! As we add photos, the previous photos will be moved to another page that you can go to (in case you miss a photo or remember a name later). 

Crawfordville, Grade 3, 1951-1952

Row 1 Mrs. Anderson, Clarence Williams, Dorine Whaley, John Spears, Leila Sutton, John Joiner, Jean Smith, Richard Miller.
Row 2 Gerry Gowdy, Judy Council, Jerry White, Mary Louise Forbes, Lavelle Waters, Janie Glover.
Row 3 Elizabeth (Becky) Lee Strickland, Rae Miller, Peggy Harvey, Galveston Alexander, Ida Langston, Nellie Rae Gillespie, Ina Forbes, Sally Oaks.
Row 4 Elise Ferrell, Martha Green, Jean White, Linda Spears.

Update January 30, 2018: All photos now have been identified! Thanks to all of you who contributed names! 

Stay tuned for next month's mystery photo!

January 2018 Program - The Spring Creek Community

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The Spring Creek Community

Our panel for the January program on Spring Creek will include some of the grandchildren of the early residents of Spring Creek.  This is a unique community in Wakulla County, it has survived on its ability to weather serious storms and floods and rebuild. It has provided a source of food to many Wakulla families. There have been many fine boat builders calling Spring Creek home.


Spring Creek has been a tourist destination since the late 1800s, when farmers from Georgia came down during the winter to procure seafood and fowl for the summer.  Whole families would make the trip and set up camps along the bay to fish and hunt.  They shared their bounty within the families and then with their fellow campers, it was a rite of passage for many children.  The seafood was plentiful and so were the geese, ducks and other species of fowl, which made it easy to share the harvest. 


Local Wakulla county folks also benefited from the winter harvest as a way to supplement their income.  They caught mullet, salted some and the fresh fish were packed in ice and wrapped in croaker sacks.  They travelled as far away as Thomasville, Moultrie and Bainbridge in wagons and camped along the way to sell fish.


Spring Creek was combined with Shell Point and Crawfordville for many years on the census records and did not have its own precinct.  The Wakulla County Historical Society has a copy of the 1928 Voter Registration book in its archives.   The first recorded census for Spring Creek was 1930.


According to an article written by Ann Estes, Correspondent Wakulla News, and published by the Wakulla County Chamber of Commerce in the pamphlet “Welcome to Wakulla County”:


"The year 1903 marked the first settler in Shady Sea, now a popular coastal fishing village known as Spring Creek, a Mr. Paul, who owned a considerable amount of valuable real estate.  Mr. Paul is said to have drowned in Paul's Hole and was buried in the Spring Creek community.

Tom Greiner built the first oyster house in 1904 and sold oysters for 25 cents a bushel.

Forney Gaston Stevens built the first frame residence in 1905.”


Nothing holds a place together like its sense of family connections. Many of the residents of Spring Creek are direct descendents of the original landowners. Their love for Spring Creek goes deep and they are proud to share their memories, family stories and experiences with us. 


Come be with us on January 9th at 7pm at the Wakulla Public Library and enjoy the tales of Spring Creek.

--Helen Strickland


New in the Gift Shop

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Something new! We are now selling items from local artists at the Wakulla County Historical Society Gift Shop! We've just added the beautiful Bobcat Mugs by Sandy Tedder. Come see this and more! We are closed now for the holidays, but will be open again Thursday, January 4th. See you then!
Bobcat Mugs by Sandy Tedder

Carrabelle History Museum

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"Come see us today and beat this yucky weather or come see us tomorrow during Holiday on the Harbor!! We are open 10 am - 5 pm both days."
Carrabelle Holiday on the Harbor flyer

Happy Holidays!

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There’s still time for those last minute Christmas gifts but you need to hurry! The Museum and Gift Shop will be closed for the holidays after Saturday, December 16th and will re-open on Thursday, January 4th. We will also be closed this Saturday, December 9th, as we participate in Christmas in Sopchoppy (9am – 4pm). Come see us there!

The Wakulla County Historical Society wishes you and your family and friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May you all have a safe and blessed holiday season.

Christmas ornaments and greeting

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