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Adams Cemetery

Adams Cemetery

Cemetery = Adams Cemetery
Vicinity = Shadeville S
Status = evidently obliterated
Community = white
GPS Location
S-T-R Location
not located - see report
not located - see report
not located - see report

Helen Adams Strickland reports a lost cemetery someplace in present-day Wakulla Gardens. She says that graves of her early Adams ancestors in the County are there, and also graves of Forbeses, Walkers, and Gavins. She has never gotten any information on where the actual site may be, and supposes it to be entirely obliterated. No apparent graveyard features suggesting the site are reported.

There was on the Wakulla Gardens property of Palmer and Madeleine Carr, at 223 Iroquois Rd., an aggregation of limerocks, many of which have now been moved, that the Carrs now think were possibly suggestive of a burial place. They have preserved the most conspicuous part, a rock heap reportedly about eight feet across and mounded perhaps ten inches above the surrounding ground. The position of the feature is 30° 11' 27.54" X 84° 17' 54.24". No information establishing that it is a burial place has come to light, nor any associating it necessarily with the lost Adams site.

Date of site report narrative - May 2002

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