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Raher Cemetery

Cemetery = Raher Cemetery
Vicinity = ?
Status = not located or substantiated
Community = ?
GPS Location
S-T-R Location
not located - see report
not located - see report
not located - see report

This listing on the Internet site, where some 19 sites are given as a list of Wakulla County cemeteries, is suspect. The location coordinates given there, 30°12' 34" -X- 84°16' 03", fit a spot on the west flank of Tiger Hammock Rd. several hundred feet south of Upper Bridge Hwy -- where no graves are otherwise reported. A search in the oldfield broadleaf growth there by members of the historical society in April 2002 found no marks of a graveyard. The USGS topographic map referenced for the cemetery on the Internet site is Crawfordville West, a sheet whose coverage is from Crawfordville westward and on which the Raker Cemetery appears.

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