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Whitley or Thomas Cemetery

Cemetery = Whitley or Thomas Cemetery
Vicinity = Woodville S
Status = maintained
Community = white
Synonymous name(s) = Thomas Cemetery
GPS Location
S-T-R Location
30°17’59.8” X84°15’12.42”
N½ Sec 20, 2S, 1E
W edge powerline, 3/8 mile N of Bob Miller Rd.

The Whitley Cemetery south of Woodville recorded by the 1940-41 veterans' graves registration is clearly identifiable with a cemetery lying about 3/8 mile north of Bob Miller Rd and a little west of Old Woodville Hwy.; the inscribed gravestones of veterans John L. Thomas (1832-1911) and Smithwick Whitley listed in the document are here. One wrought-iron-fence enclosure about 8 by 10 yards contains three gravestones of the Whitleys and kin, and another larger but partially destroyed wrought-iron fence immediately adjacent encloses some 17 graves of the Thomases and kin. All this is in the southwest area of a 2.5-acre tract whose east side is open on the clear corridor of a high-tension overhead powerline running northerly and southerly. The tract is rather open, and is mowed, with some pines and hardwoods. The graves are perhaps 80 yards west of the powerline corridor.

The majority of graves within the Whitley enclosure have no formal tombstones, evidently. And no new burials have been made within it for a very long time, perhaps none since the last year inscribed - 1921. Tommy Thomas reports that the Whitley plot was here before any Thomas graves. Inscribed years-of-death in the Thomas enclosure are from 1895 to 2002.

Name Birth Death
Alligood, Jennie Thomas
30 Mar 1875
5 Nov 1966
 At rest
Britt, Susie J.
10 Jan 1877
19 Jul 1934
Eubanks, Norma Jean
5 Jun 1943
24 Nov 1964
Ferrell, Bertha B. Thomas
6 Feb 1884
19 Sep 1914
w/o J. R. Ferrell
Ferrell, E. Thayer
29 Aug 1906
s/o Bertha Ferrell
Gramling, Edelle Thomas
18 Mar 1916
14 Aug 1998
 w/o John Preston Gramling
Gramling, John Preston
31 Aug 1915
19 Oct 1980
 h/o Edelle Thomas Gramling
Henry, Ella F. Thomas
30 Oct 1872
13 Jan 1895
w/o John F. Henry
Richardson, Amanda A.
15 Dec 1827
1 Nov 1900
Russ, Alton T.
Russ, infant
19 Jan 1903
28 Feb 1903
infant of Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Russ
Russ, Iris A.
5 Sep 1912
26 Sep 2002
Russ, Maude N.
Thomas, Bert M.
2 Oct 1870
22 Feb 1945
Thomas, Bert M.
24 Apr 1913
7 Feb 1985
Thomas, Dalceda B.
6 Feb 1884
7 Sep 1972
Thomas, Emily J. Ferrell
22 Sep 1851
19 Jul 1934
w/o John L. Thomas; Mother
Thomas, infant
29 Feb 1948
s/o Mr & Mrs. B. M. Thomas, Jr.
Thomas, J. D.
18 Mar 1911
18 Dec 1915
age 4 yrs 9 mths
Thomas, John L.
26 Dec 1832
27 Oct 1911
Pvt Btry A. L. Arty CSA
Thomas, Mary Edna
30 Oct 1872
24 Jan 1913
grave marked with a rock
Whitley, Fannie A.
22 Jan 1840
6 Nov 1920
w/o Thomas S. Whitley
Whitley, Sam S.
unmarked; Pvt Co D 2nd Fla Inf CSA
Whitley, Smithwick
Whitley, Thomas
unmarked; Pvt Co C 5th Fla Inf CSA
Date of site report narrative - January 2002
Surveyed by members of the WCHS, July 2006
Some information taken from Register of Deceased Veterans 1940-41

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