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Yoder grave

Cemetery = Yoder grave
Vicinity = Sopchoppy E
Status = abandoned
Community = ?
GPS Location
S-T-R Location
30°3’56.64” X84°27’2.74”
NE¼ Sec 8, 5S, 2W
300-400 yd S of Sopchoppy Hwy. near 47 Stacey Lane

A concrete gravestone inscribed to commemorate R.W. Yoder (1870-1929) stands 300 to 400 yards south of US 319 in the NE 1/4 of Sec. 8, 5S, 2W, off Stacey Lane on the west side of Buckhorn Creek a little east of Sopchoppy. This nicely designed stone with a proper base is crudely inscribed, and placed with the inscribed side facing west or west-northwest. A large shard of china lies on the ground just in front of the tombstone, and a broken piece of marble with no inscription discernible lies six feet in front of the tombstone. No other gravestones or surface indications of graves are apparent in the surroundings. The one stone stands inconspicuously in young woods, perhaps once cropland, a little west or southwest of the residence 47 Stacey Lane. The location is also about 45 yards east of a nameless rut road skirting the east edge of a large borrow pit on an adjoining tract.

Name Birth Death
Yoder, R. W.
Oct 1870
Oct 1929
Date of site report narrative - November 2001
Surveyed by members of the WCHS, February 2007

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