What's My Name?

Post date: Oct 22, 2018 7:2:52 PM

WHAT'S MY NAME? Below is a photo of a Wakulla Masons gathering at the Courthouse in 1948. Do you recognize any of these faces? If so, comment below or send an email to mailbox@wakullahistory.org. Make sure to include where you see them in the photo.Starting with the Front Row: 1._____2._____3._____4._____5._____6.______7._____ 8._____9._____ Row 2: 1._____2._____3._____4._____5._____6._____7._____ Row 3: 1._____2._____3._____4._____5._____6._____7._____ Row 4:1. (standing)_____2._____3._____4._____5._____ 6._____7._____ Row 5: 1._____2._____3._____4._____5._____6._____7._____8._____Row 6:1._____2._____3._____4._____5._____6._____7._____8._____ Side Row (left side of photo) 1._____2._____3._____4._____5._____6._____