Causseaux Cemetery

Cemetery = Causseaux Cemetery

Vicinity = Shadeville N

Status = obliterated

Community = white

GPS Location


S-T-R Location

N line HS Lot 22 (reported)


S border Cherokee Sink, Wak. Spgs. S P

Betty Green of the historical society says this site from the 1940-41 veterans' graves document is well known to have been right beside Wakulla-Arran Road and Cherokee Sink, whose south edge is nearly on the north line of HS Lot 22. The USGS topographical map indicates a cemetery here. The property is now part of Wakulla Springs State Park. The park's manager, Sandra Cook, says that divers have found gravestones in Cherokee Sink, gravestones presumably from the Causseaux Cemetery and presumably still in the water.

Date of site report narrative - February 2002

Some information taken from Register of Deceased Veterans 1940-41

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