Crawford Cemetery

Cemetery = Crawford Cemetery

Vicinity = Shadeville N

Status = neglected

Community = Afr. Amer.

Synonymous name(s) = Salem Cemetery

GPS Location

30°12’50.79” X84°18’31.72”

S-T-R Location

SE¼ HS Lot 38


250 yd N of Little Salem Church and Wakulla-Arran Rd.

Newspaper obituaries for Flora M. Jackson and Thelma M. Hicks establish that the cemetery off Wakulla-Arran Rd. and 250 yards north of Little Salem Church in HS Lot 38, where their graves and inscribed tombstones are found, is the Crawford Cemetery. Locating directions for the Crawford Cemetery given in the veterans' grave registration of 1940-41 fit this site very well (though a section-township-range datum given there is clearly not valid). Cadastral maps at the courthouse indicate that the cemetery is part of a 23.5-acre holding of the church. The cemetery is the subject of Site File 8WA730 in the Florida Division of Historical Resources, but is there called Salem Cemetery, evidently in reference to the church.

Date of site report narrative - December 2001

Surveyed by members of the WCHS, August 2006

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