Davis Camp

Mackery Landing Cemetery

Cemetery = Mackery Landing Cemetery

Vicinity = Sopchoppy SW

Status = mostly obliterated

Community = white

Synonymous name(s) = Davis Camp

GPS Location

30°0’35.33” X84°31’46.35”

S-T-R Location

NW¼ Frac Sec 34, 5S, 3W


on Mackery Woods Rd.

A chainlink-fence enclosure containing two inscribed tombstones near the Curtis Mills community is evidently only a remainder after surface features of the graveyard were obliterated in the surroundings. As related in the desktop-published A Family History by David Roddenberry (1999), there is some testimony that the graves now lost were many. According to that history, the graves inside the enclosure, besides those of Civil War veteran George W. Roberts (1842-1911) and his son commemorated by the inscribed stones, include that of the first wife of Mr. Roberts, Mary Ann Lewis (b.1849). That and a couple of other graves evidently are marked now by utilitarian concrete cylinders. The Veterans' Graves Registration of 1940-41 lists for the site the grave of Civil War veteran Elzie Lewis (d.1884). That may be one of the graves now obliterated outside the fence, or possibly one within.

An article in the local magazine Magnolia Monthly in January 1967 carried a postscript documenting this cemetery. And it seems likely that this is the same site referred to as "Davis Camp" Cemetery in a footnote to an article by Sherrie Stokes on grave markings in Wakulla County in Florida Historical Quarterly October 1991. The footnote says that Ms. Stokes relied on the county highway map produced by the Florida Department of Transportation to locate cemeteries; on that map the label Davis Camp, for a riverfront feature not far away, does occur as the wording closest to the spot of Mackery Landing Cemetery.

Date of site report narrative - May 2002

Surveyed by members of the WCHS, March 2007

Some information taken from Register of Deceased Veterans 1940-41

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