Giles Cemetery

Cemetery = Giles Cemetery

Vicinity = Crawfordville

Status = abandoned

Community = white

Synonymous name(s) = Green Cemetery; McLeod Cemetery

GPS Location

30°10’18.02” X84°22’26.75”

S-T-R Location

SW¼ HS Lot 77


15 Council-Moore Rd., Crawfordville, 75 yd. E of US 319

A low wrought-iron fence having an east-west dimension of perhaps 30 feet is situated in dense, remnant tree cover in Crawfordville just south of the paved drive of Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, 15 Council-Moore Rd. This long-abandoned plot about 75 yards east of US 319 contains gravestones inscribed to William A. and Lucinda J. Giles inside the iron fence, where there is also an old wooden marker standing and the remainder of another lying on the ground. The site is reported to be a part of the property of Patrick and Patricia Langston whose house sits just south, at 27 Council-Moore Road.

The veterans' grave survey of 1940-41 recorded the Giles Cemetery, also designated Plat 49 of Wakulla County, at a location fitting this site, and recorded there the grave of Confederate veteran Francis Trawick Green. Whether some of the graveyard lies outside the iron fence, or how much, is not discernible. The latest year-of-death inscription on a stone, that of one of the Giles mentioned above, is 1893. Dennis Council who lives fairly near says that he has always known the graveyard as the McLeod Cemetery.

Date of site report narrative - September 2001

Surveyed by members of the WCHS, September 2006

Some information taken from Register of Deceased Veterans 1940-41

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