Greenough Church

Greenough Church Cemetery

Cemetery = Greenough Church Cemetery

Vicinity = Sopchoppy NW

Status = abandoned

Community = unknown

GPS Location

30°5’51.98” X84°31’29.53”

S-T-R Location

NW¼ Sec 34, 4S, 3W


1/3 mile W of Greenough Rd.

In a linear, north-south-oriented oldfield on the old Bert Roddenberry farm at Greenough, a rather circular saw-palmetto bed about six yards across can be found under young oldfield growth of loblolly pines. A pig-nut hickory whose trunk divides into four stands three yards northwest of the palmetto bed. Joe Hutto, who lives several hundred yards south of the spot and reports a 30-years acquaintance with it, wrote in his 1995 book Illumination in the Flatwoods that Bert Roddenberry (1890-1981) pointed out to him this spot and the immediate vicinity as the site of the "old Greenough log church and unmarked graveyard". And he says that Mr. Roddenberry identified this palmetto bed that he had spared amid cropland as the spot of the graveyard, the church house site close by but unmarked. He says he neglected to ask Mr. Roddenberry whose graves, or how many, might be here. Only clear pasture surrounded the palmetto bed and the hickory at the time of Mr. Hutto's first acquaintance with the place, and there were no grave markers of any kind, as now.

Ronnie Harden, another man who had long acquaintance with Bert Roddenberry, also says that the latter pointed this spot out to him and told him of the graves here - two graves. By phone, he indicates a palmetto-covered spot a little north of Mr. Hutto's home, seemingly well corroborating the information from Mr. Hutto. Mr. Harden did not ask Mr. Roddenberry whose graves the two were, and he does not recall Mr. Roddenberry's mentioning an old church here.

Date of site report narrative - January 2002

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