Hall (Wakulla)

Hall Cemetery

Cemetery = Hall Cemetery

Vicinity = Wakulla N

Status = not located

Community = white

GPS Location

not located

S-T-R Location

Sec 4, 3S, 1E (reported)



The 1940-41 veterans' graves registration gives locating directions:

From the intersection of U.S. Highway #319 with St. Marks road proceed north on said U.S. #319 for 2 miles, cemetery lies 3/10 mile to right and east of road in field

The document registers the grave of Civil War veteran Elishua Hall for this site evidently some two miles north of the principal intersection of roads at Wakulla Station. The one cemetery presently reported for a north-Wakulla vicinity suggesting this location is one evidently known as Stewart Cemetery that is reported to contain the grave of an Ahijah Hall and perhaps some others of the surname Hall. Though Elishua Hall's grave is not reported there (few names among the 100 or so persons thought to be interred there are now available), the Stewart Cemetery found several hundred yards east of the highway may fit the locating directions for Hall acceptably well. However, Stewart Cemetery - evidently that one - is also listed in the 1940-41 registration as a cemetery distinct from all others. That the known site fits better the locating data given in 1940-41 for Hall than those given for Stewart, but does not fit either of them really closely in either narrative directions or section-township-range datum, produces a dilemma.

Date of site report narrative - February 2002

Some information taken from Register of Deceased Veterans 1940-41

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