Hall (Woodville)

Hall Cemetery

Cemetery = Hall Cemetery

Vicinity = Woodville SE

Status = maintained

Community = white

GPS Location

30°16’15.1” X84°8’9.0”

S-T-R Location

N½ Sec 33, 2S, 2E


less than one mile E of St. Marks River, one to two miles SE of Natural Bridge

The desktop-published family history A Book of Halls, authored by Marilee Gerrell Butler in 1996 and available at Wakulla County Public Library, covers the Hall Cemetery situated east of the upper St. Marks River. Access is by private roads. The approximate location is shown on maps in the book. The site is there marked in the north half of Sec. 33, 2S, 2E, about midway of the east-west dimension of the section, and about 11/2 mile or a little more southeast of Natural Bridge. It is shown as only a few hundred yards north of the old east-west path of the Vereen-Fanlew Railroad (a spur off Tallahassee-St. Marks RR).

The cemetery is old. It is maintained by Philip Gerrell. Confederate markers in the Hall Cemetery were obtained by and placed in the cemetery by Lawson Gerrell.

There is a family story about Cap’t Daniel Coleman, that, when he died of an infectious disease, his body was placed in a wagon, covered with coal, and brought back home. He was buried in the Hall Cemetery, his body still in the wagon covered with coal. A fat lightwood stump (with a pine tree growing in it) marks his grave. He was the brother of John Coleman.

Surveyed by members of the WCHS, November 2008

Date of site report narrative - November 2008

Some of the information above is from A Book of Halls by Marilee Gerrell Butler

and from Register of Deceased Veterans 1940-41

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