Harvey (Bethel)

Harvey Cemetery

Cemetery = Harvey Cemetery

Vicinity = Bethel

Status = neglected

Community = both

Synonymous name(s) = Ferrell Cemetery

GPS Location

30°15’44.13” X84°19’13.78”

S-T-R Location

S½ Sec 34, 2S, 1W


50 yd W of graded Old Shell Pt. Rd near latitude of Belin Court

A chainlink fence about 40 feet by 12 feet encloses five graves covered by concrete slabs, all having inscribed headstones or headpieces (locating coordinates shown are for this enclosure). But inscribed stones stand all around in the pine woodland surrounding. There may be an acre or more of graveyard. One stone noticed in hasty observation in the southern area shows a year-of-death as recent as 1982. About 100 feet southwest of the chainlink fence is a clearing of 60 feet by 30 feet holding 15-20 graves, most with inscribed stones. Immediately east of this are two very small wrought-iron fence enclosures.

The graveyard is easily identifiable with the Harvey Cemetery recorded in the 1940-41 survey of veterans' graves, where it was designated Plat 58 of Wakulla County. That survey reported the graves of several veterans here. It may be that all graves made here for many decades now are those of African Americans; it seems that the co-owner of the land, John Ferrell, so indicates. But older graves are of both African Americans and whites. Although most of the plot appears abandoned amidst shrubby growth, some parts mentioned above are somewhat maintained, and the site may receive more burials in the future.

The graveyard, which is indicated on the county highway map, lies perhaps 50-75 yards west of the graded Old Shell Point Rd. in Sec. 34, T2S, R1W (the section-township-range datum given in the 1940-41 survey is evidently erroneous here as in a good many other cases). Sherrie Stokes, whose observations on varied grave markings in Wakulla County appeared in Florida Historical Quarterly October 1991, referred to this cemetery as Ferrell Cemetery.

Many sunken unmarked graves all through the woods. There could be more head stones further in the woods.

Date of site report narrative - September 2001

Surveyed by members of the WCHS, June 2006

Some information taken from Register of Deceased Veterans 1940-41

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