Harvey Brickhole

Harvey Brickhole Cemetery

Cemetery = Harvey Brickhole Cemetery

Vicinity = Crawfordville SW

Status = obliterated

Community = white

GPS Location

see report

S-T-R Location

SW¼ Sec 1, 4S, 2W (reported)


400 yd E of Roland Harvey Rd.; 0.4 mi S of Harvey Mill Rd.

Homer Harvey (b.1916) points out as a graveyard a place in the large tract that was held by his father Riley A. Harvey. The place nearly borders the drop-off of the land into the Brickhole on Lost Creek, and is also just southwest of a 50-foot-long, tin-roofed, open-sided shed, all in the SW1/4 of Sec. 1, 4S, 2W. A GPS fix of the spot pointed out is:

30°9' 34.62" -X- 84°23'30.34"

Mr. Harvey believes that this is the burial place of some of his Harvey ancestors who were among the pioneers of Wakulla County. Guiding members of the historical society to the place, he reports that his father had left the spot wooded in respect of the graveyard, but that a subsequent owner cleared it like the rest of the farmland around. Mr. Harvey recalls wooden gravemarkers (only) that he last saw no more recently than perhaps 50 years ago. The site presently is grassy and mown, and any use is associated with the farm shed. Apparently, no surface feature belonging to the graveyard remains; Mr. Harvey does not place the field fence cornering 50-75 yards southwest of the shed in that category. However, the near-immediacy of the distinctive, natural landform of the Brickhole is a good bolster to his recollection.

Date of site report narrative - May 2002

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