Hilliardville (A)

Hilliardville (A) Cemetery

Cemetery = Hilliardville (A) Cemetery

Vicinity = Hilliardville

Status = not located

Community = Afr. Amer.

GPS Location

not located

S-T-R Location

Sec 26, 2S, 2W (rep)



The 1940-41 veterans' graves registration gave locating directions:

From Court House in Crawfordville go east on U.S. #319 for 1 mile; turn (left) north on Ivan-Tallahassee short cut; go 5 miles; then turn left (west) on Federal Truck Trail; proceed 2 and 5/10 miles to cemetery which lies 5/10 mile north of said trail.

The only current report of graves, or recollection of graves, that may possibly correspond to this record is the recollection of Ernest Spears (b.1920) of Hilliardville given as a separate report. The route of a road running west from the Crawfordville-Tallahassee highway (present-day U.S. 319) to match the locating directions given above may not now be identifiable. It would seem to be a route lying someplace south of the present-day Bloxham Cutoff.

Date of site report narrative - January 2002

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