Nichols (Medart)

Nichols Cemetery

Cemetery = Nichols Cemetery

Vicinity = Medart

Status = maintained

Community = white

GPS Location

30°5’40.9” X84°22’29.9”

S-T-R Location

SW¼ HS Lot 92


NE quadrant of intersection Purify Bay Rd. and Posey Rd.

The grave of Earl Nichols made in 2003 inaugurated this family cemetery in the northwest quadrant of the intersection of Purify Bay Road and Posey Road in Medart. Four other graves were made soon afterward by relocation of graves of other family members from another cemetery to this site, according to the widow of Earl Nichols. Thus there are presently several graves and tombstones. The obituary for Earl Nichols designates the site the James and Juanita Nichols Cemetery - for two of the persons now interred here.

Date of site report narrative - September 2003

Surveyed by members of the WCHS, September 2006

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