Paul Strickland

Paul Strickland Cemetery

Cemetery = Paul Strickland Cemetery

Vicinity = Hilliardville

Status = maintained

Community = white

GPS Location

30°17’4” X84°23’5”

S-T-R Location

NE¼ Sec 25, 2S, 2W


100 yd S of home 186 Hilliardville Rd.

A partially fenced plot about 200 feet square, lying amid fields and perhaps 500 yards west of Hilliardville Road, contains the graves of Paul Revere Strickland (d.1984) and Murrill Ray McAlpin (d.1998). Each grave has a modern duplex tombstone inscribed to the deceased and spouse. The cemetery was first established with the interment of Mr. Strickland, according to his family; there are no earlier graves here.

Date of site report narrative - October 2002

Surveyed by members of the WCHS, November 2007

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