Philip Lawhon lands

"Philip Lawhon lands"

Cemetery = "Philip Lawhon lands" (stand-in name)

Vicinity = Medart NW

Status = not located

Community = unknown

GPS Location

not located - see report

S-T-R Location

not located - see report


not located - see report

Homer Harvey (b.1916) said in August 2001 that he knew a graveyard in his earlier days that was in the vicinity of the Philip Lawhon home that was not too far west of Lawhon Mill Rd. and the present-day home of Rev. Emmett Whaley and Celia Whaley. Mr. Harvey thinks there may have been regular tombstones. He says that the site seems now to have been 1/2 mile or more west of Lawhon Mill Rd., and on the north side of the Nat. Forest road that leaves LM Rd. near the Whaleys' home. The site was not very far from that forest road. A square of woodland holding the graveyard was preserved for a time but was eventually cleared. Mr. Harvey does not know whether it was a graveyard of the Lawhons', or some other group.

The Forest Road that Mr. Harvey places this reported graveyard near is evidently FR 321 leaving Lawhon Mill Rd. just S of Emmett Whaley Rd. The private land on the north side appears to have been worked over thoroughly in decades not long past. No conspicuous patch of spared woodlot can be spotted on the aerial photo. That Rev. Emmett Whaley (b. 1916) reports never knowing any graveyard in the indicated vicinity may be reason for abeyance in the matter. Rev. Whaley, a lifelong resident of the vicinity, reports a lifelong acquaintance with the homeplace of his relative Philip Lawhon and its surroundings.

Date of site report narrative - April 2002

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