Posey Cemetery

Cemetery = Posey Cemetery

Vicinity = Medart NW

Status = abandoned

Community = white

GPS Location

30°7’51.48” X84°24’5.42”

S-T-R Location

SE ¼ Sec 14, 4S, 2W


300 yd N of Emmett Whaley Rd., 250 yd W of Tom White Ln.

A vestige of a very small wooden fence enclosure remains in broadleaf woods at Medart a few hundred yards north of Emmett Whaley Rd. and a somewhat lesser distance west of Tom White Lane. Bobby Posey of Crawfordville identifies this feature with the burial place of an ancestor whose name he is uncertain of. The survey of veterans� graves in 1940-41 recorded the Posey Cemetery, which it further designated Plat 53 of Wakulla County, in a location fitting this site. It recorded the grave of Civil War veteran Thomas J. Posey there, but no gravestones or gravemarkers remain now.

The deteriorated remainder of one ornamental post still stands. Lesser vestiges of two others, and one or two old wooden rails, still suggest a configuration of the enclosure; the greater dimension seems to have been no more than 12 feet, or so. This small but vital evidence could disappear before much longer.

Reverend and Mrs. Emmett Whaley, who live in this vicinity, recall the Posey graveyard in a location fitting this. They recall the post-and-rail enclosure. Rev. Whaley says there were perhaps a half-dozen graves, seeming to say that they were in the one enclosure, and says that the last burial was that of an African American child whose grave was made in a corner. The remaining vestige of the enclosure does not suggest a size sufficient for several graves with a corner to spare, but other posts could have rotted away or been removed.

Date of site report narrative - September 2001

Some information taken from Register of Deceased Veterans 1940-41

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