Robinson Rough

Robinson Rough Cemetery

Cemetery = Robinson Rough Cemetery

Vicinity = Ivan W

Status = not located

Community = white

GPS Location

see report

S-T-R Location

Sec 7, 3S, 1W (rep)


vicinity 122 Kasey Ln. (reported)

The 1940-41 veterans' graves registration gave locating directions:

At Ivan and from the intersection of U.S. Highway #319 with State Road #110, proceed north on said #110 going 3 miles; turn left (west) on dirt road going 8/10 mile; then turn right (north) on dirt road going 7/10 mile to cemetery which lies 3/10 mile to left and west of road.

A slotted post leaning against another lighter'd post near an Ivan residence one mile west of US 319 and just north of Jump Creek is reported by the residents to be the surviving evidence of the old Robinson Rough Cemetery recorded in the 1940-41 document. This location fits plausibly with the locating directions given in that record. Residents Wayne and Evonne Strickland at 122 Kasey Lane, where these posts stand about 60 yards southeast of the residence, say that the graveyard was in this vicinity but not necessarily at this spot. Evidently no gravestones or grave markers have been found, but Wayne Strickland remembers from his boyhood a small rail enclosure sized as if for one grave. When he and his wife moved here, and the old driving lanes had been replaced by new ones differently aligned, and perhaps some clearing had been done, this couple of old posts were all they could find. However, Mr. Strickland says that that enclosure was on the west flank of Kasey Lane, as these posts now are.

The GPS fix of the present site of the slotted post is 30°14' 24.58" -X- 84°22' 44.75".

The Stricklands brought in the elderly Corean Vause, now deceased, who had been acquainted with the cemetery, but she too was unable to point to any spot. She did, however, provide them a list of ten persons buried in the cemetery, and in addition her testimony that the Bunch family members slain by Indians at Jump Creek were buried in it (on this last point Wayne Strickland says that he has since been told by others that the graves of the Bunch victims are elsewhere). One name she included was that of Confederate Army veteran Kendall [or Killian] Andrews, whose grave the veterans survey also recorded here. In addition, the veterans document also recorded the grave of Confederate veteran James Spears here. That document designated the cemetery Plat 66 for Wakulla County.

A note provided by the Stricklands covering the information on persons buried here is given, sic, below.

Wayne Strickland says that the name Robinson Rough was a descriptive name for the terrain or the farm here in early times and not two surnames. The veterans' graves document placed the cemetery in Section 7, T3S, R1W. The features mentioned above as surviving evidence are, however, apparently just outside that section and in the east edge of NE1/4 of Section 12, T3S, R2W, as is the Stricklands' house. But this locale is nearly on the line.

The note:

Buried in Robinson Rough Cemetery

From Corean Vause: 1.  Grandmother - Peggy Sue Fountain Andrews   (She was Indian Princess) 2.  Grandfather - Kendall Andrews   (Marcia Tucker told me he was in Confederate Army) 3.  Brother - Kendall Andrews 4.  Uncle - Wade Andrews 5.  Haywood Linzy's son - didn't remember his name 6.  Black man (Terry Pace found out he lived with Granddaddy Strickland) 7.  Claudia Strickland 8.  Permelia Strickland, mother of Mose Strickland 9.  Isom Strickland, father of Mose Strickland 10. Haley Hilton Strickland, Mose's eldest son 11. Bunch Family 12. James Spears - Served in Confederate Army   (Marcia Tucker's relative - She got information             from Veterans Administration. They say the cemetery is #66 and located Sec 7 T3 R1W)

Date of site report narrative - September 2001

Information taken from note of Corean Vause

Some information taken from Register of Deceased Veterans 1940-41

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