Roddenberry Cemetery

Cemetery = Roddenberry Cemetery

Vicinity = Sopchoppy N

Status = not located

Community = ?

GPS Location

not located - see report

S-T-R Location

not located - see report


not located - see report

The 1940 USGS 15-minute-series map Arran marks and names Roddenberry Cemetery, placing it just south of the location of the Grimes Cemetery north of Sopchoppy. Perhaps very significantly, the map does not show the latter cemetery - one that is well known and conspicuous, that has been in use ever since the middle of the 1800's, that evidently is in the old John Roddenberry lands, and that contains his grave and that of his mother Mary Knight Roddenberry and other persons of the family. Dr. Andrea Repp of the US Forest Service and the historical society has searched in the place indicated by the map as the Roddenberry Cemetery and found no sign of a graveyard just there. The indicated place is about where the Mt. Beasor Rd. goes off to the west from the Oak Park Rd. Dr. Repp has wondered if perhaps some Roddenberry graves might have been moved from such site to the Grimes Cemetery.

Jesse Quigg (b.1946), who was raised near the Grimes Cemetery (his family's burying place also) and lives there now, says he has never known of a cemetery in the place indicated by the map, or anyplace a little south of the Grimes Cemetery. He says he is very doubtful that there is or was one. David Roddenberry in the 1999 A Family History covers (at the end of Chapter I) some history of the monumenting of Roddenberry graves in the Grimes Cemetery, using information from letters around 1951, but finds nothing indicating Roddenberry graves at any time in a location a little south of the Grimes Cemetery.

Date of site report narrative - November 2001

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