Shady Sea

Shady Sea grave

Cemetery = Shady Sea grave

Vicinity = Spring Creek

Status = not located

Community = unknown

GPS Location


S-T-R Location

line of HS Lots 114, 115 (reported)


reported Shady Sea St. 20 yd SE of Spring Creek Hwy.

Sandra Dykes of Spring Creek reports that her father Wilmer Dykes (1908-1990) told her that there is a grave of "an Indian" under Shady Sea Street adjacent to the house at 4133 Spring Creek Hwy. where her father lived and where she now lives. She points to the unpaved Shady Sea Street where it passes between her house and the house at 4137, this spot also perhaps 30-50 yards north-northwest of the concrete-block church building that is or was Shady Sea Church.

There is a story that the first settler at Spring Creek was a man known as Paul by either surname or given name, and that he was drowned there and buried there. This was related as recently as a 1970's Chamber of Commerce publication giving a brief sketch of Spring Creek (and other communities). Whether that report or legend may relate to the report of a grave under Shady Sea Street has not been established.

Date of site report narrative - March 2002

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