Shelley Place

"Shelley Place Cemetery"

Cemetery = "Shelley Place Cemetery" (stand-in name)

Vicinity = Riversink N

Status = not located

Community = unknown

GPS Location

not located - see report

S-T-R Location

not located - see report


not located - see report

Buck Miller of Riversink recalls the graveyard but doubts that he could find it. He recalls it as east of US 319; he refers to C.J. Spears Rd., a road going east off 319 not very far south of the Leon Co. line, as well as to the old Shelley place. No customary name of the graveyard, nor other information, is in hand at present. However, the 1940-41 veterans' grave registration recorded the Gregory Cemetery, now lost, in the same vicinity.

Ernest Spears (b.1920) of Hilliardville says he knew where the old Paul Shelley farm and farmstead were, but that he doesn't recall any graveyard thereabout (Mr. Spears says he does know of the Gregory Cemetery and that it's west of 319 and north of New Light Church Rd.). John Ferrell (b.1917) cannot recall, from his long acquaintance with the general territory, seeing a cemetery in the indicated area.

Date of site report narrative - December 2001

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