Smith Cemetery

Cemetery = Smith Cemetery

Vicinity = Medart NE

Status = abandoned

Community = both

Synonymous name(s) = Sellers Cemetery

GPS Location

30°6’9.84” X84°21’57.54”

S-T-R Location

NE¼ HS Lot 92


50 yd S of Jack Crum Rd.

A plot with an entire tree canopy of mainly Southern red oak situated just south of Jack Crum Rd. and one mile east of US 319 holds many graves. The site was recorded as the Smith Cemetery and Plat 65 of Wakulla County in the veterans' graves survey of 1940-41, which recorded the graves of two veterans here. The site is also treated in an article "The Pioneer from Pawtucket" in The Magnolia Monthly magazine in January 1964. The early settlement surrounding evidently was known as Pawtuxet by the same reference.

The site features, in its southern part, a battered wrought-iron fence enclosing the inscribed tombstones of Pawtuxet's founder James Wolf Smith (1810-1878) and his family. This enclosure about 10 yards E-W by 20 yards N-S holds altogether eight or nine inscribed stones. The MM article in 1964 lists the Smiths and relatives interred here. The northern part of the graveyard (or perhaps a separate graveyard now enclosed in the same woodlot with the Smith plot), which reaches to within perhaps 40 yards of Jack Crum Rd., contains many graves of African-Americans. Some of these have concrete monuments or slabs, but many other graves are evidenced only by sunken ground. Inscribed concrete gives year-of-death as recent as the 1980's. Rev. Flavous Green reports that he knows this graveyard, or at least the northern sector, by the name of Sellers Cemetery.

Date of site report narrative - November 2001

Surveyed by members of the WCHS, May 2008

Some information taken from Register of Deceased Veterans 1940-41

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