Swilley Cemetery

Cemetery = Swilley Cemetery

Vicinity = Spring Creek N

Status = abandoned

Community = white

GPS Location

30°7’16.56” X84°18’56.88”

S-T-R Location

SE¼ HS Lot 65


40 yd W of C-365, abreast intersection C-367

A small tombstone inscribed to Wade H. Swilley (d.1925) stands about 40 yards, or so, west of Hwy. C-365 at the point where C-367 (Shell Point Hwy.) branches off. The grave is on the south border of a fireline forming the north boundary of a tract of young planted pines, and about 10 yards south of the overhead electricity line serving the residence 3070 Spring Creek Hwy. No graves other than the one are apparent. The maintained Smith Cemetery lies only 150 yards west.

The 1940-41 veterans' graves registration gave the location of Swilley Cemetery as 100 feet west of the road at a point 4.4 miles south of the Shadeville intersection of main roads. The grave described above is approximately 5.4 miles south of Shadeville. It is in land that was owned by W.H. Swilley early in the 20th Century, according to records in the courthouse (the nearby Bradshaw Cemetery also lying in the erstwhile Swilley tract). The W.H. Swilley gravestone likely is identifiable with the Swilley Cemetery recorded in 1940-41, the difference in southing from Shadeville notwithstanding. (A section-township-range datum given in the 1940-41 document that is far from this location and sharply contradictory of the narrative directions is likely erroneous.) There may be no information available now on whether any graves other than Mr. Swilley's were ever made there. Mrs. Inez Love says that she has long known of the grave, but that she knows of no others there. (Mrs. Love's brother owns the property containing the grave, and the family keeps the nearby Bradshaw Cemetery).

Date of site report narrative - February 2002

Surveyed by members of the WCHS, October 2006

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