Museum Renovations

Museum Renovations

Construction on the building began around 1949, and it served as the county jail until 1972.  The building was constructed as a residence for the jailer and his family, who lived on the first floor.  The second floor held the jail cells for prisoners. After 1972, the building  housed county and emergency medical service offices. 

The dream and vision for the museum and archives began in 1999, when Pete Gerrell, Mays Leroy Gray, and Betty Green were meeting in the old wooden courthouse across the street.  The idea light bulb came on when Betty looked out the window and realized that the facility would be perfect as a museum.  The building was vacant, in disrepair, and needed a lot of work inside and out.  It was also scheduled for demolition by the county.

The historical society started their mission to save and restore this great example of art deco architecture from the mid-twentieth century from destruction.  With the help of grants and the hard work of volunteers, the journey began.

   Jail circa 1950

  Jail - June 2017